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Tuesday 4th August 2020
7:00PM start time

start time
These meetings held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 19:00 Meetings are yet to be defined - Please call for more information
Venue : Ouseburn Community Centre, Mowbray Street, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE6 5PA Venue :
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Telephone : 07493-506074 - Peter or 07916329537 (Cathy)
If you need urgent help, or advice outside of meetings, call our National help line on 0300 0300 363. Please note we are volunteers who run the local group meetings in our spare time in the evening. We also have full time jobs, so we may not be able to answer when you call, so please leave a message or send us a text message if you need help in finding our meeting, or confirming that it is going ahead.

Email :
Email if you have any queries about our local meetings. If you need advice over the phone, please ring our national help line number.

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All welcome (non-members, any gender, any age) We represent the whole North East region. You can be as vocal or as anonymous as you wish.
There is no cost but a donation of £2 is hoped for to help us pay for the hire of the room.

As local volunteers our primary role is to run local meetings and give advice at these meetings. Please ring our National Help line if you need help and support outside of meetings, thank you! We are all volunteers who give our time to support families going through separation. At meetings, members and non-members alike are given their opportunity to voice personal (or otherwise) views & experiences. Help and advice is given when appropriate. Guest speakers are welcome; we have already had presentations from solicitors and Core Childrens Services, who gave time to give information, answer queries, and provide support to the group.


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